About Me

When I was a kid in the Bronx, NY any guests that dared to visit my family had to watch my Fred Astaire routine. By 8 years old I fell in love with acting for the theatre, which eventually led to my training at Circle In the Square Theatre School, then with William Esper for 2 years and performing off Broadway. A couple years later, my talent agent took me into a studio to make my first voiceover demo. I haven’t stopped working in voiceover or talking since that day!

I’m an exercise & red wine enthusiast as well as a recovering foodie. I love art in all forms, movies, design and travel. I spent 4 freezing winters at SUNY Buffalo and traveled around Europe & the Mid-East for 3 years by myself, from Greece overland to India stopping for months on the way. Give me a script and I’m happy. Life for me is about passion, expression & sharing. I admire great artists, scientists, thinkers and writers…

I am the voice of TV stations & cable networks across the country. I have worked with some clients for over 15 years. I voice commercial campaigns; narrate for TV, corporations, hospitals, medical & pharmaceutical companies, children’s programs, and e-learning. I announce Award shows from the Peabody’s to the Emmys as well as national political & corporate conventions. I donate my services to organizations live & pre-recorded. I coach corporate execs at Fortune 500 Companies. I provide translations and Spanish versions of projects I record. Life is not dull.

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